What is a Nokia SL3 Phone

Some new Nokia BB5 & DCT4+ phones have a special SL3 lock protection on them.

SL3 is short for "Sim Lock 3" and is a new lock protection put in place to make it difficult for you to unlock your Nokia phone. This page we will show you how you can get your Nokia SL3 unlocked.

There are two classes of Nokia BB5 SL3 models:
firmware version: V58.xx, V59.xx (like the picture right) Examples:




Models that are newly released in 2009. Examples:




+ more..

There are also Nokia DCT4+ SL3 models:

Models that have been retro-fitted with SL3 (2630, 2680s). You can recognize them by their unusual firmware version: V57.xx, V56.xx Examples
How Can I Check if My Nokia is an SL3 Phone ?
An easy way to check if your Nokia phone is SL3 is key in *#0000# on the phone

This will show the software version of the phone.

If your phone version is not a double figure before the decimal point ie. 6.51 then we CAN unlock it as it is NOT SL3.

If it is a double figure before the decimal point ie 59.60 (see the picture above), you need to use the Nokia SL3 Unlocking Services.