The world got a first look at the Sony Xperia ZL when its pictures got leaked along with the flagship Sony Xperia Z through Sony’s own web site.

And as you may already know, both of these handsets got officially announced at this year’s recently concluded CES expo in Las Vegas. Sony has since announced that the Xperia ZL will be available in two official colors: black and white. Is there hope for any other color variants? A leaked set of photos today answers that question in the affirmative.

Based on some photos acquired and posted online by the guys over at Xperia Blog, there seems to be a third color version of the Android-flavored Xperia ZL. It’s coated in red, and it looks every bit as attractive as you’re probably imagining it to be. In a post on its officialy Developer World blog, Sony maintains that the Xperia ZL will only be available in two colors. But a prospective Xperia ZL owner can dream, and maybe even convince Sony to officially release a red version in the future. For more pics, head over to the source.

SOURCES Xperia Blog