We've been fans of the MacID software since it was initially released for iOS – it allows those with Touch ID to easily unlock their Mac either with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on their iPhone or iPad, or with a notification on the Apple Watch. Moreover, if neither are available, you can set up tap patterns on the Mac's multi-touch trackpad to unlock the Mac without having to type your password.

In any case, the application is great for when you want a cooler and more modern way to unlock your Mac, as well as when you want to have an easier way to unlock your Mac when your hands are full, and for a limited time, MacID is completely free in the iOS App Store (normally $3.99)!

Setting the application up is incredibly easy – you just need to install the Mac OS X application on your Mac from the developer's official Web site at this link after downloading the application from the iOS App Store at this App Store link. On-screen instructions will walk you through the process of pairing your device via a low-power Bluetooth connection, so you'll hardly even know the application is running on any of your devices (almost no power usage).

If you've never seen or heard of MacID before, don't miss out, because this is probably one of our favorite iOS applications of the year that we continue to use on a daily basis since its release.

On a similar note, don't miss out on grabbing Geekbench 3 for iOS for free while it's free of charge for a limited time too!

Source: App Store