CUPL Philosophy
  • The Department of Philosophy at China University of Political Science and Law


    About the DepartmentThe Department of Philosophy at China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) was formally established in June 2002. It is affiliated to the School of Humanities and is a multidisciplinary institute for the development of CUPL. It can be traced back to the Department ofPhilosophy & History of Communist Party of China established in 1952. The department has developed a...

  • China University of Political Science and Law


    China University of Political Science and Law, or CUPL, is a prestigious university in China under the direct leadership of the State Ministry of Education (MOE). It is one of China’s top universities listed under the Double First Class University Plan, the Project 211 and Project 985, all comprising elite Chinese universities. CUPL is also listed in the Project 2011 and the Plan 111, i.e. the...

  • MPhil Programs


    The Department of Philosophy currently offers MPhil/PhD research degrees in philosophy, with approximately 100 undergraduate students and 120 graduate students each year. As early as 1985, the Department of Political Theory at CUPL had offered a master degree in logic. The famous logician, Ruji Du, an organizer of that program, was engaged in teaching and research.At postgraduate level, we now ...

  • Research Centers


    The department is also dedicated to the deep integration of philosophical disciplines and CUPL’s otherdisciplines. In recent years, we have established a number of research centers such as the Center for the Study of the Rule of Law, the Center of Religion and Law, the Center of Contemporary Chinese Political Philosophy, and the Center of Foreign Marxist Research, with the aim of integrating a...

  • Research Projects


    The department has achieved fruitful results, and has undertaken important scientific research projects supported by the National Social Science Fund, Major Projects of the Ministry of Education, Joint Projects in Beijing, etc

  • Six Major Clusters


    The department strives to sustain and enhance our tradition of nation-leading research, building on the existing strengths of our six research clusters (‘Value Philosophy’, ‘Foreign Marxism’, ‘Political philosophy’, ‘Chinese traditional Philosophy’, ‘Religion’ and ‘German Philosophy’) so as to develop world-leading concentrations of research expertise across all our clusters